SOMA health products were created as a product of years of experience in medicine, nutrition and biotechnology. The SOMA team is made up of a large number of experts from a wide range of disciplines, in order to provide our users with the best health effects based on natural ingredients.

Behind the SOMA preparations is a team of scientists, nutritionists and physicians who formulated the preparation based on years of experience, personal needs and needs of our loved ones.

Imunin is a preparation based on a combination of thousands of years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine and the most advanced knowledge of Western science.

Imunin contains active substances that act on the immune system. The main effects are supporting the immune system, helping prevent infections, helping to contain allergies and autoimmune diseases, and helping oncology patients with therapy.

The main active ingredients of Imunin products come from the organically grown mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum, known as Reishii.

This mushroom is known as one of the main assets of Chinese traditional medicine. Numerous studies show the different positive effects of this mushrooms components on human health.

Mushrooms used for the production of Imunin products were grown in Serbia, in a completely organic way, in a "green process" with minimal pollution and without the use of pesticides!

SOMA products are produced by extracting active substances from the fungus for maximum effect and mixing with other active substances that support and amplify health effects.