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SOMA health products were created as a result of years of experience in medicine, nutrition and biotechnology. The SOMA team is made up of a large number of experts from a wide range of disciplines, in order to provide our users with the best health effects based on natural ingredients.

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Experience oriental tea with healing effects

imunin tea

Imunin tea is based on the organically grown fungus Ganoderma Lucidum, known as Reishi. It helps support, strengthen and regulate of the immune system as well as fighting infectious diseases, cancers and allergies.

Imunin tea, in addition to its healing properties, because of its traditional way of preparation, provides a special feeling of drinking specific oriental tea. Imunin tea is prepared in just 5 minutes, providing all the health effects of the traditional way of preparing tea from the Reishi mushroomi.

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Tradition and trust combined with science and precision

imunin capsules

Imunin is based on natural substances and helps support, strengthen and regulate the immune system as well as providing support in the fight against infectious diseases, cancers and allergies.

Concentrated substances in Imunin capsules provide support for your immune system to function and successfully protect you for another healthy day!

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